Antwerp winter sale!

The lovely city of Antwerp will start their big winter sale on the 3th of January and it will last until the 31th of January! The first two weeks there are discounts around 30%, but after that they can go up to 70%! 

So pack your bags and get ready for a shopping trip that is well worth the effort!

"Where do I go?" you ask. Well let's see... Forget the Meir for once! The only reason you'd go there is because of the Urban outfitters and as we now have one in Amsterdam, there's no longer any reason to walk down this high street full of stores you have in your own hometown, right?

Instead go to the Nationalestraat in the Quatier Latin district. It is filled with high end stores where you can buy brands as Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler and Michael Kors. With a 70% discount, who knows what you'll find?!

If that sounds as a bit too much for you there's also the fun vintage & accessories store Jutka&Riska, Super Dry and Fred de la Brentoniere for some good solid boots. Nearly every sidestreet of the Nationalestraat is worth exploring, especially Lombardenvest and Steehouwersvest. Also try the Kammenstraat for a more alternative choice. Other good shopping streets include the Leopoldstraat, Komedieplaats, Huidevettersstraat, Hopland&Schuttershofstraat and the Korte Gasthuisstraat


De Meir - 

De Meir - 

Antwerp's fashion museum, the MoMu, is also found on the Nationalestraat . It showcases five centuries of fashion enriched with pieces of contemporary Belgium designers. Certainly a fun break on your busy shopping agenda. - - - 

I hope you have a delightful time in Antwerp and benefit from my shopping tips. Let me know if you've found a hidden Belgium treasure that everyone should know about.

"Let's share our fashion knowledge!"


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