All black lips

"A dark lip is a powerful, impactful look, with genuine retro appeal."

- Caitlin Callahan, senior Artist M.A.C. Cosmetics  


You've probably already noticed, but dark lips are back! Yet another '90's hit coming back for more. The grunge feel of these deep burgundy and nearly black shades are popping up everywhere, from the runway to the red carpet. 

This look dominated fall runways and can look sensational if you have the guts to try it. Dark lips may be strongly tied with goth or punk rock, but they can be quite glamorous as well. 

How to pull off a dark lip. 

When wearing a color as dark as this one, it can fade out in an unattractive way. For longer wear, try dusting over the lips with a translucent setting powder, apply with a brush, use a lip pencil or try tapping it on with your finger. 

The deep shade of lipstick is more than enough, so don't detract from the look with tons of eyeshadow or blush. Keep it simple. Still want your eyes to pop? Wear lots of mascara and groom your eyebrows to balance out your face. 

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I hope you'll agree that dark lips aren't only for Saturday nights out. Alter dare's you to wear your dark lips on any other day of the week and post your photo on the Facebook page. 

"Be brave and rock on!"

Selina MartinComment