Alter advise - clever style trics

When all new year resolutions fail ... don't be too hard on yourself, have faith, just use some clever style trics!"

We all know the drill. Comes December we gain weight, comes January we want to lose it all again, plus extra! Some of us succeed, but most of us try, try harder and then lose focus or just bluntly give up. It's a sad winter story, but Alter is here to cheer you up! 

Alter loves realists, so I present to you eight tips to disguise your winter lovehandles. muffin tops and saddlebags!

1. choose the right fabric.

Materials like cotton, denim and silk lay flat against your body and won’t add volume to your figure. Materials like velvet, leather and boucle won't do you that favor.

Double Denim is a cool look that works for everyone and has been seen in magazines and city streets for a while now. 

2. deep V 

The open, upside-down triangle creates a high focal point away from your midsection, and gives the illusion of a slimmer upper body.

Who doesn't want that?! The midsection is usually not the part of our body we are most proud of. 

3. vertical striped pants

Vertical stripes keep the eye moving up and down, rather from side to side, creating the illusion of a longer and leaner figure. 


4. long necklaces

A long necklace actually works the same way as a V-neck top. It will visually stretch you out for a taller appearing figure.

5. from head to toe

Wearing the same color top and bottom creates an uninterrupted vertical line, making you look thinner and taller. Stark contrasts between your upper and lower body draw eyes to your middle.

Jumpsuits are perfect to achieve this look with just one piece of clothing.

6. paneled bodycon dress

The paneled dress can flatter your figure in multiple ways. Curved, vertical seams create the illusion of an hourglass figure while lengthening the body. Darker panels on the sides can make your sides disappear into the background.

This dress will give you that Marlin Monroe figure that we love.

7. shoe smart

Heels in a similar shade to your skin tone will lengthen your legs. Another clever solution is wearing the same color pants and shoes. This creates an uninterrupted line, making your legs look longer. This works best with the color black. Last but not least, shoes with a pointed toe and thin heel work great to lengthen silhouette of calves. 

8. flared pants

Volume at the ankle will balance out hips. And the good news is: the flared jean is just coming back into style.

BRON: - - - - - - - - 

I hope these top tips will get you trough your winter depression. We'll just try again in spring, or even better summer. Those bikini's will be waiting again, no escaping your midsection at the beach! Oh, wait there is such a thing as a bathing suit, but that doesn't mean it hides everything you want it too.

So it's back to square one, girls, back to the gym!  

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